Consultation Scheduling Page

Need help finding products suitable for your skin/hair, lifestyle, and budget? If so, schedule a consultation with cosmetic chemist, Javon Ford, to craft a curated shopping list of skincare products that may be best suited for your needs. Each option includes a questionnaire to better assist you. If I feel I can't assist you based on your questionnaire responses, I'll issue a full refund.
Please refer to FAQ below for what's not included in this service.    

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you diagnose my skincare conditions?                          
A: No. This is exclusively an online skincare recommendation service. As such, showing your face is not required. If you have questions about the state of your skin or need clarity on your skincare condition(s), please refer to either a licensed esthetician or board certified dermatologist. 

2. What products won't you recommend?           
A: I don't provide recommendations that specifically address any skin or hair conditions that may be attributed to hormones, diet, lifestyle, or genetics. This includes but is not limited to products for hair thinning (diet, lifestyle-related) as well as dark circles (lack of sleep, stress-related, genetics).